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Pudge is awarded a


at the

Dachshund Club of the Great Lakes



Thanks to judge Dr. Andrew Kostic for this prestigous win!


Pudge garners her

second major

at the Hoosier Kennel Club show on February 15, 2009!  Thanks to judge Patricia Mowbray-Morgan for the win!


Destined for greatness, this little fireball is going to amaze the world!  She has everlasting attitude!

Going to ground at only 5 weeks and tracking above at 7 weeks, Pudge is going to amaze the world with her natural instincts and abilities.  Because of her strong desire to work, we will be taking her to many field trials and earthdog trials in addition to AKC conformation shows.


10/27/07: Pudge takes RWB to a major at the Lincolnland Dachshund Specialty her first weekend out!  Way to go, Pudge!