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What does it cost to show dogs?

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Several things come into play when budgeting for your show dogs.  Food, veterinary care, and entry fees are the things most people think of when referring to the cost of showing dogs.  Here, I have laid out what my start up cost was, and my ongoing costs are.  Email me with any questions you may have. 
Note: This does not include the cost of obtaining your show dog! 

Start Up Costs: (These are one time costs for supplies)
Grooming Table $150
Show Leads $50
Tack Box $75
Grooming Supplies: $500 (good scissors are expensive!)
Crates: $75 per dog
Name Tags for Crates: $10 per crate
Towels: $40
***Optional: I purchased a travel trailer to save money on hotels.  Average price of a 25' used (in good condition) travel trailer is $6000.00
Ongoing Costs (Monthly costs)
Entry Fees: $25 per dog per show
Grooming Supplies: $60
Food: $40
Supplements: $30
Veterinary Care: $50 (average taken from 12 months)

Now, let's look at a senario...
For the Month of March, I want to enter 2 weekends of shows.  One show is in Indiana, only 2 hours from home.  The other show is in Tennessee, 8 hours from home.  Both shows offer water and electric so I decide to pay for a campsite and take my travel trailer.  I get 8 miles to the gallon hauling the camper.  Gas is $2.89/gallon.  Here are my expenses for each show:
Indiana Dog Show Club
I enter 2 dogs for 2 days for a total of 4 entries.
Entry Fees: $100
RV Hookup/Camping Fee: $75 (average of $25/night)
Extra Grooming Supplies: $30
Catalogs: $10
Food x 3 days: $60 (*I bring my own food when in the camper, I have a fridge, microwave, and stove.  When in a hotel room, you have to eat out and that's more expensive.)
Gas: $100 (total of 240 miles there and back)
Misc: $70 (this covers snacks, pop, new panyhose, extra bait, or other things that may have to be replaced)
Total Cost of this Show: $445
Greater Tennessee Dog Fanciers
*I enter 2 dogs for 3 days for a total of 6 entries.
Entry Fees: $150
RV Hookup: $100
Extra Grooming Supplies: $30
Catalogs: $15
Food: $120 (I will grill out with my friends at this 3 day show)
Gas: $380
Misc: $100 (higher amount due to longer weekend)
Total cost of this show: $895

So, in this senario, I am spending roughly $1340 in the month of March on shows alone.  Add to that my monthly costs and we are over $1500.  I rarely go so far away (like the Tennessee shows) but I do it on occasion.  I am actually going there in October.  My average cost for a show within 3 hours of driving is $400.  And remember, if you don't have a motor home, you will need a hotel.  Instead of $25 a night for a hookup, you are likely looking at $65 a night for a hotel.